Electric Scooter VX-2 with 60AH SLA Battery

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Delivery time: 4 weeks
Net Price: €2,829.52 €3,480.31

VX-2 Scooter with Silicone\Gel Battery set (4 pcs)

Available in four colors. Please ask for availability of certain color.  


Battery SET description:

- SLA= Sealed Lead Acid battery
- 4 x 12v 60AH block
- Weight: 80 kg

- Charging Time: up to 3h

- Cycle charge: up to 500

- BMS built in: NO


- RANGE: 55 km

- SPEED: 45kmh or 75kmh (depends on the homologation type requirements, please check your country regulations)

- Weight of the scooter with battery: 200kg


- Warranty on the battery: 1 year

- Warranty on the Scooter: 2 years