Electric Scooter VX-1 with Leaf 60AH battery std color

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Net Price: €7,850.00 €9,655.50

Standard available color (single color or bi-color with lower panles and decal)

Price covers bike with battery.


You can choose variety of accessories from here: http://shop.vectrixparts.com/category/vx-1-parts-accesories


Scooter's parameters:

Fully Functional

NEW Lithium Battery Model

2 years warranty

120 km/h of maximum speed


36s Battery pack build using NISSAN LEAF Module

Pack Description:
- Configuration: 36s x 3,7V
- Nominal Voltage:133.2 Volt
- Nominal Capacity: 62AH
- Minimum Capacity 58AH
- 80kg BMS Included

- 2 year warranty

- Includes BMS

- Includes all connection component


RANGE: up to 110 km